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We're just a squad of cookie lovers who loves the crunchy edges (ok ok, some of us like the chewy center, too). We believe in working hard. Baking till the sun comes up. Dancin'. Vibin'. Laughin' (Yes! We laugh a lot). And all those other things that make life worth living. So if you're down with The Freaky Cookie, you're down with hope, optimism, and that go getter mentality that looks at life and says "yep, let's get it!"
Quality Is Everything
Everything we do is from the heart. We put our all into every flavor we make. We only use pure ingredients: butter, pure cane sugar, just to name a few. 
Made from Scratch

No pre-bought, made in a factory, cookie dough over here! We make every cookie from the ground of. If we use a buttercream filling, yep, that too is made from scratch. Our best is all you will ever get. 

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