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Sheila Cavalier,

Hello, everyone! I'm Sheila. The head baker over here. When I'm not advising my team on what flavors we're coming out with next, you can find me dancing to Beyonce or going on a morning run. Cookies are my world. I grew up learning how to bake from my grandmother--oh her cakes and desserts were delicious. Crazy part is, she didn't even measure out her ingredients! Well, thanks for stopping by. And always remember, life is better with cookies!

Marcus Cavalier Jr.,

Hi, I'm Marcus. I guess I handle all things branding and design. Well, not "I" like, me. Because I could never do this all myself. So yeah, there are some cool people who help me. Way cooler than me. Okay, got to go. See ya!

Who We Are

Here at The Freaky Cookie our mission has always been to Create And Inspire Fun Experiences. We consider ourselves rebels. Going against the status quo of what a cookie manufacture should look like. But, we love it. And we'll continue to strive and bring out the inner cookie lover in each and every one of us.

Cookie Philosophy

Fun flavors! Fun flavors! And more fun flavors! You will see flavors that no other cookie company will offer. Our ingredients will always remain top notch, butter, pure cane sugar, etc. and we will continue to strive to make you smile after every bite!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

- Philippians 4:13

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