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Who We Are

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, The Freaky Cookie is a FUN, DELICIOUS, and CREATIVE way to celebrate, recognize, and brand your business through corporate gifting. Derived from a family recipe dating back 90 years, The Freaky Cookie is truly unique.


CEO and Founder, Sheila Cavalier comes from a long line of bakers, writers, and a father who worked in the aerospace industry in the 1960s. This legacy of creativity, innovation, engineering, and a quest for out-of-the-box fun lead to the creation of The Freaky Cookie, or as Cavalier sometimes calls it – “The Cookie Disruptor!”


“When we brainstormed our company name, we wanted something memorable, something fun – something a little rebellious because that’s who we really are,” shares Cavalier. “Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be mundane. Our customers entrust us with their gifting because we strive to be different. We rotate our cookie recipes once per quarter. The Freaky Cookie pops with color, fun, and fresh flavors – celebrating and recognizing the uniqueness and playfulness in all of us.”

The Freaky Cookie: Corporate gifting gone wild – with flavor and fun!

Sheila Cavalier is a Member of the WBENC Women Organization.

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